Laying the foundation
for ingenuity.


Science and technology evolve at a rapid pace. We believe discovery spaces need to be as forward-thinking as the science itself.

Getting to the next big idea first requires navigating a complex set of challenges: 

  • How do you prioritize security while encouraging collaboration? 
  • What are the best ways to ensure top-tier talent enjoys coming to work? 
  • And how do you build for the future while meeting ever-evolving technological requirements?

The sciences are uniquely poised to explore solutions that ensure the discovery process happens as efficiently as possible. From small interventions, like embracing kinetic furniture for ultra flexibility, to larger-scale undertakings that reimagine how the public and employees interact in the future, the changes that actually make a difference can vary in scope and scale. Drawing on lessons from industries across the spectrum of private research, academia, institutional science and technology companies, a more holistic approach to labs and workplace emerges, with an eye towards flexibility, privacy, health and community.


  • Feasibility Studies and Test Fits
  • Campus Master Planning
  • Land-Use Planning
  • Facility Programming and Planning
  • Laboratory Planning and Benchmarking


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Lighting Design
  • Environmental Graphic Design
  • Design Computation


  • Design Research
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Change Management
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation
  • Workplace Consulting
  • Experience Design