A Calculated

After 20 months of planning their move, Woman’s Hospital and NBBJ relocated 61 critical neonates and another 61 healthy mother/baby couplets and adult patients to Woman’s new hospital campus six miles away — all without a single incident during the move.

Woman’s Hospital, Baton Rouge was founded in 1968 to meet the unique needs of women and infants. Over the last 40 years it has grown to address the full spectrum of care for women and their families and is one of the few free-standing woman’s hospitals in the U.S., with over 1,800 employees and delivering approximately 8,000 babies annually. From Magnet Designation to rankings in Modern Healthcare’s “Best Places to Work,” and boasting higher than national average CMS indicators, Woman’s had a lot at stake when they decided to move their entire operations to a newly-built campus six miles away from their current location.

Expanding from a 500,000-square-foot hospital to one that is over 800,000 square feet, Woman’s realized that a physical move of this magnitude would require specialized assistance and expertise. NBBJ was retained to carry out transition services, which included process change analysis and management, physical and patient move plans, staff training and live simulations, change management, and a post-occupancy debrief.

NBBJ successfully helped the hospital manage the physical, operational, and cognitive changes to conditions in their new environment, such as decentralized nurseries, universal and shared operation rooms, open office workplace design, standardized single-bed patient rooms, single family care in the NICU and the separation of service paths.

To train and orient staff, NBBJ conducted live simulations using volunteer actors and scripted medical scenarios to stress-test the new building. This process helped identify last minute change requests and increased staff confidence in their new environment. On move-in day, Woman’s successfully transferred all patients to the new site and continues to deliver the exceptional care that they're known for.

Planning Ahead
“ The level of detail, the things you have to think about, and the coordination and the teamwork that is required to do something like this — there's not a word to describe it. ”

Teri Fontenot CEO, Woman’s Hospital


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