The Art of the Facility Plan

NBBJ led the first data-driven facilities development plan at Washington State University, defining the capital planning projects necessary for the College of Arts and Sciences to meet its strategic goals today and in the future.

The Facilities Development Plan is part of a larger campus initiative to strengthen inter-collegiate partnerships, building a stronger community through shared goals and open dialogue. NBBJ engaged extensively with a “task force” of college leadership to forecast needs, program space, identify opportunities for interdisciplinary education and research, define multiple projects from partial renovation to new construction, estimate costs and prioritize the various capital projects.

The team used GIS data to analyze program areas, the age of campus buildings and more, in order to build a case for expanded capital funding and suggest the best locations for future development. Future capital projects will range from the renovation or construction of individual buildings to entire new quads and centers of academic excellence. When fully implemented, the plan is expected to satisfy the space needs of nearly every department.