Ready, Set,
Go Live

To better prepare staff to “go live” in their new facility, UW Medicine Valley Medical Center used live-actor simulations and collaborative tools and methods to ensure readiness.

UW Medicine Valley Medical Center (VMC), one of the largest nonprofit healthcare providers in the State of Washington expanded its capacity with a new facility designed by NBBJ. Two years before the new facility opened, planning began to figure out how best to operationalize this new building with its new practice models and technology.

VMC engaged NBBJ's Transition Planning services to ensure that the process improvements and care model changes that they had planned would become active on the day they moved in. By providing a team with a critical mix of clinical design, and project management expertise, NBBJ helped the VMC team navigate the coming change in a safe, effective and efficient way. After designing and facilitating a series of workshops to identify goals and study flows, VMC and NBBJ jointly developed tools to manage transition activities, workflows, decision processes, operational models, metrics and issues.

Just prior to opening, real-life care scenarios were developed and scripted, with professional actors playing the roles of those patients to test the entire system. Technology systems, staffing protocols, EMS staff, nurses and MDs, as well as the facility itself were put through the paces — providing critical feedback as well as extra staff confidence in preparation for the first day of patient care.

Video: Live Simulations