A Symbol
of Liberty

A new museum gives the 4.3 million annual visitors to the Statue of Liberty the opportunity to learn about and honor the statue’s history, influence and legacy in the world.

At the new Statue of Liberty Museum, with experience and exhibit design provided by ESI Design, an NBBJ studio, visitors have the opportunity to explore the history and grandeur of this colossal figure and consider the role of liberty in their world today. Throughout the museum, interactive media tells the important cultural story of Liberty and brings the statue’s history to life. The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation built the museum to accommodate around 80% of visitors to Liberty Island every year who cannot access the Statue itself.

Video: The Statue of Liberty Museum
“ I am proud of Ed [Schlossberg] and all of the folks at ESI Design who took up the difficult task of writing and communicating our shared story... They have done a very fine job of it. The space is beautiful, thought­ provoking, and welcoming to all of our fellow citizens — of our country and of our world. ”

Barack Obama Former President, United States of America

Awards and Publications


2020 Digital Signage Awards – Winner, Museums and Historic Sites
2020 International Design Awards – Honorable Mention
2019 Urban Land Institute Awards for Excellence in Development – Winner, Institutional Development
2019 Good Design Awards – Winner, Environments


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