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Our Surroundings

The South Terminal Expansion Project (STEP) forms the new south end of SeaTac Airport. The Port of Seattle is a multi-departmental organization focused on mission-critical operations within a highly secure environment. Renovations and additions, therefore, are typically designed for maximum positive effect on operations and phased for minimal disruption of ongoing operations.

NBBJ worked directly with the Port of Seattle Aviation Project Management Group (AV/PMG) during all phases of design and construction. Airport stakeholders included operations, facilities, maintenance, security, fire protection, code compliance, and art program, as well as a range of outside contractors including airlines, food & beverage, and advertisement.

In addition to the overall design of the South Terminal Expansion Project, the Port of Seattle asked NBBJ to design the airport wayfinding and signage system. NBBJ conducted research and paid careful attention to detail to ensure that the signage had excellent contrast and legibility, communicated to people with varied language ability using a system of universal icons, was properly illuminated, and could be installed and maintained easily by the Port’s own sign shop.

The resulting design was so well received that NBBJ was commissioned to design and implement graphic standards for all of Sea-Tac International Airport. The striking black and “cedar” signage has since been implemented throughout the entire airport.