In a competition to “Reinvent Paris,” NBBJ’s proposal evolves the traditional Parisian courtyard building into a dynamic, mixed-use hub for innovative new modes of living and working.

The boundaries between home and workplace are rapidly blurring in favor of spaces that foster flexibility, collaboration and ingenuity. To meet this need, the “Reinvent Paris” proposal unites future-forward workplaces, residential apartments, retail and public space via an incubator “hub” that rises in a promenade architecturale from sidewalk to rooftop.

A continuous network of interconnected spaces, the collaborative hub draws people throughout the building to encourage the moments of inspiration and chance encounters that are integral to the creative process. In the future, the hub can be repurposed with an auditorium, lecture hall or event space, and offices can be converted into additional residences.

By reclaiming airspace above the Périphérique highway, the project also literally bridges the city’s class divide and creates a more welcoming streetscape. Café seating and retail activate all four sides of the building, and the central courtyard is open to the public.

Sustainability and Performance

The angled facade not only accommodates varying sized floorplates for businesses of different size, but also allows more sunlight to reach the street and photovoltaic louver screens. A wide variety of sustainable and high-performance strategies are included throughout the project.


AIA New York, Merit Award
MIPIM, Future Project Award, Best Mixed-Use Project