A Centre for Life and Mind

To promote research, discovery and engagement, the Life and Mind Sciences Building at the University of Oxford creates a new collaborative hub that unites the departments of experimental psychology, plant sciences and zoology.

Situated within a conservation area and between Oxford’s listed university parks, the science area and its historic town centre, the building will transform the Universities’ engagement with the public and the relationships between the psychological and biological sciences by enabling co-location and promoting collaboration in emergent fields.

Modern science is becoming increasingly collaborative and NBBJ’s design provides an inviting space to support innovative thinking and multi-disciplinary communication between researchers with different specialisms.

The design promotes engagement between the fields of research and education, taking advantage of the efficiencies and flexibility a shared building can offer. Large parts of the building have been designed to suit multiple laboratory types beyond day one needs, allowing it to flex, adapt and reconfigure to respond over time to the changing needs of the dynamic science. For example, demand for simulation focused dry-labs might increase over time within one area, while specialist growth and testing environments for plants need expanding elsewhere in the building.

Significantly contributing to the public realm, the new Life and Mind Building will enhance the gateway to Oxford’s Science Area and create exciting opportunities for public and scientific engagement. These new spaces will extend from a public plaza, across shared hubs within a terraced atrium and move up to extensive south facing roof terraces and include a rooftop restaurant and event space overlooking Oxford’s historic spires.