2020 Vision

By updating its 1996 master plan, Ohio University laid the groundwork for growth through 2020.

NBBJ and the Ohio University Office of Facilities Planning and Construction recently updated the university’s master plan (also prepared by NBBJ) for all academic and administrative operations.

The objective of this master planning effort was to translate the university’s strategic goals, as well as the objectives of the various departments, into a physical plan that identifies where to focus resources in order to accommodate future growth.

The planning process involved four major tasks: examining the accuracy of the university’s space inventory; working with university leadership to determine the locations and implications of growth over the next twenty years; updating the facilities master plan to accommodate the anticipated growth; and developing a utility infrastructure overlay to ensure that utility systems are integrated ahead of building needs.

The resulting master plan is fully aligned with the university’s strategic plan. It addresses future space needs for student housing, transportation and parking, utilities, recreation and open space. The final goal is an engaging and collaborative academic research environment, a fiscally responsible implementation strategy, and a sustainable partnership between the campus and community.