The Green

A new headquarters for online gaming and internet provider NHN is designed for the specific needs of software engineers. Open, column-free floors help staff communicate more effectively and brainstorm. Louvers lining the curtainwall interior allow people to individually control how much light comes in.

Next Human Network (NHN) is Korea’s leading online gaming media and search-based Internet portal. The explosive growth of the company required a new headquarters that could accommodate this increase in staff, while also creating a dynamic new environment that reflected the company’s unique culture. Named “The Green Factory,” the new headquarters accommodates 4,000 employees and includes retail space, an 800-seat corporate/community auditorium, a bookstore café, childcare facilities, café lounges, sub-grade parking and a rooftop garden.

Column-free Workspace

The design for NHN’s new corporate office building supports employee creativity and innovation through its interior layout — a column-free space to emphasize the human dynamic of the organization. By allowing people to be more visible to each other, the architecture facilitates employee communication, creative brainstorming and social interactions.

Efficiency through Design

Shifting the elevator core to one corner of the building allowed for optimal use of space. This shift allowed for grand, open floor plates, providing employees direct sightlines to one another to increase communication and foster collaboration among team members. The open floor plans also provide access to natural light and impressive views for most employees.

Awards and Publications


AIA Los Angeles and Next LA Award, Citation
KIA Design Award, Korean Institute of Architects
World Archtiectural Festival, Shortlisted


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