of Health

By integrating the Koo Foundation’s renowned approach to medicine with NBBJ’s education, research and office design, the J.L. Sung Education & Research Center will provide a one-of-a-kind setting for educating future care providers grounded in humanism, ethics and empathy.

The design of the J.L. Sung Education & Research Center promotes the foundation’s mission by strategically locating classrooms, seminar rooms, break-out spaces and simulation spaces that connect to the adjacent Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, also designed by NBBJ. The center is designed to be highly flexible. Broad structural spans, integrated underfloor distribution systems, chilled beams, and the creation of an “activity-based” workplace environment work in conjunction with education spaces to ensure a high degree of collaboration.

A vertically-integrated “knowledge wall,” connecting one floor to the next, will incorporate digital technologies, allowing for individual and team interface to occur. A semi-public conference and outreach center and auditorium occupies the ground level. In partnership with Stanford University and Hong Kong University, the center will also include an advanced simulation center where students from underprivileged countries will learn treatment techniques that emphasize ethics and humanism.

High-performance enclosure, mechanical systems and landscaping will work in tandem to achieve a 58% energy savings over ASHRAE 90.1. Water collection systems will integrate performance and experience by creating a multitude of experiences, including vertical water walls that enhance the center not only as seen from the exterior but also as quietly observed from the interior. Large lifted planes serving as green roofs engage the ground plane with the intention of defining entry and providing scale, interest and increased landscape area for pedestrian activities.