to Innovate

When King’s College London needed to consolidate on its dense Denmark Hill campus, NBBJ showed the University how to collocate two apparently disparate research units. The result: greater efficiency and new opportunities for collaboration in advanced biomolecular laboratories.

The Cardiology Research Group at King’s College London and the Neurological Research Group of the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital, two separate research units, seemed to have disparate space needs. However, through design work sessions, NBBJ helped the cardiology and neurological research groups understand how they could successfully share space.

The four-story, reinforced-concrete building is clad with a glass façade of varying degrees of transparency. For privacy, the building is primarily oriented inward to a central atrium, which provides a social heart to the facility, visual connectivity between groups on different floors and meeting space on overlooking balconies. The second floor, originally unassigned, now accommodates cross-disciplinary projects, as collaborative synergies have begun to arise between these two formerly unrelated research groups.