A Live-and-Learn

The City of Karamay sought a detailed campus master plan for a new 20,000-student university, an integrated educational and skills-training campus centered on petroleum and new energy technologies.

The Karamay University Town Master Plan employs three main principles: city and institutional identity, functional and operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability and energy-efficiency. Taking an existing body of water as its defining feature, this “campus on the lake” is organized into live-learn campus clusters defined by uniquely landscaped outdoor spaces. Existing drainage and wetland areas are preserved, which, along with the additional landscaped areas, preserve open space and discourage campus sprawl.

At a regional scale, the new University Town seeks to leverage the campus as a major gateway, icon and catalyst for modernization in Karamay. At a more intimate scale, it fosters and enables the development of a new knowledge and learning community, promoting higher education, skills training, research, healthy living, climate-responsive design and an environmentally oriented campus landscape.


Ohio Chapter ASLA, Merit Award