Expo as

By creating a unique expo site to facilitate regional economic growth, the Expo District Master Plan furthers Karamay’s long-term vision of becoming a tourism city, a creative city, a leisure city and an ecological city.

The chosen site for the Karamay Expo determined its role in the city as a multifunctional hub: to the north, it connects to the southern central business district; to the south, the University campus; on either side, to the geological park and the science and technology district. As a result, though the Karamay Expo District primarily supports exhibition and conference services, it also links commercial, office, residential, leisure and entertainment areas.

Situated along the main road leading to Karamay city from the airport, a large urban plaza announces the Expo District to visitors. A Valley Park defines the center of the Expo District, while urban edges respond to the distinct conditions of the surrounding neighborhoods. Landmark office towers, an exhibition center and five-star hotels create the critical mass necessary for the district’s success, even as they simplify wayfinding and create a dynamic skyline.