At IN’21st International City, the landscape creates a residential development that is highly recognizable and uniquely branded. The result: a quick sale of all units, and an excellent return on investment.

Shanghai’s tremendous growth and prosperity has led to a very competitive residential market in the Pudong District. To gain a marketing edge and establish a notable brand for the client, NBBJ developed this project around three strategies: create a central green space in lieu of more towers, use landscape to transition between the city and residences, and establish contemporary outdoor environments that are unique to the market.

The landscape is designed as a series of layered spaces: from the streetscape to an urban plaza, which steps up to a garden plaza, and then on to the portal and arrival garden. Once through the arrival garden, residents pass through a formal hedgerow that opens onto a dramatic view of the reflecting pond and central green.

There, the contemporary architecture of the clubhouse serves as a backdrop to the reflecting pond and a focal point within the landscape. Residential gardens between the towers are uniquely programmed and interconnected by a series of walkways and paths that allow residents to access the entire site. Landforms and dense, textural vegetation create privacy and define outdoor “rooms.”

Together, these landscape and architectural amenities, crafted with high-quality materials, reinforce a relaxed, secure, healthy and active lifestyle.