the Workplace

On its 60-building, 10,000-employee South San Francisco campus, biotechnology leader Genentech commissioned NBBJ to renovate two undistinguished office buildings into models for a collaborative, dynamic workplace.

Building 20, developed as a prototype for future renovations on campus, is now reorganized around a series of collaborative “rejuvenation” zones. At the heart of the project, a new central corridor reduces distances between people, simplifies wayfinding and creates spaces for a new conference center, a social hub with access to food service and an outdoor courtyard.

Additional rejuvenation lounges provide space for the collaborations and informal interactions that drive scientific breakthroughs, as well as for respite when researchers need a moment to themselves. Casual seating, bold colors, improved acoustics and skylights for natural lighting create a welcoming environment in these spaces. The rest of the building supports heads-down, focused work in private offices and workstations.

Increased daylight in the workplace, lighting sensors and energy-efficient systems allowed Building 20 to reduce energy consumption by 40% over ASHRAE standards and achieve LEED Gold certification.

Shortly after completing the Building 20 prototype, NBBJ also renovated nearby Building 36 to create a similarly collaborative environment, characterized by access to daylight and more efficient space planning.

Before and After

Prior to renovation, the 30-year-old Building 20 felt dated and was illuminated primarily by artificial lighting. Now the new collaborative lounges, workstations and offices enjoy ample daylight and significantly upgraded finishes.



IIDA Northern California Chapter, Notable Award