A Forum for Innovation

The Forum unifies hospitality, conference, education and healthcare to create a new building typology that will support the development of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

Located on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC), the Forum will provide a hub for clinicians, researchers and academics from across the world to share knowledge and expertise. This ground-breaking new development is comprised of a postgraduate medical education centre with specialist surgical training facilities, a 900-delegate conference centre, a 198-bed hotel, a 93-bed private hospital, retail facilities and 225 parking spaces. The project will encourage additional investment in the CBC as it aims to become a leading global biomedical centre by 2020.

The private hospital at the southern end of the site is ideally located close to the main Addenbrooke’s Hospital buildings and adjacent to the new postgraduate education centre. On the top level, the patient wards surround two landscaped courtyards, maximising natural daylight and views for both patients and staff.

The Forum’s facilities are accommodated within distinct building elements reflecting their function and location on the site, whilst remaining part of the same architectural family. High-quality façades create a strong civic presence, and a fully-glazed colonnade facing the campus High Street establishes a grand yet welcoming entry to the development.

Based on Cambridge’s historic architecture, the Forum's design fits sensitively within the city context, where traditional craftsmanship meets modern construction. The design team conducted watercolour studies to compare bay elevations of exemplar Cambridge buildings, which helped inform the architectural language of the Forum. Two main elevation types were proportioned using the principle of the Golden Section.

The landscape design is based on an interconnecting network of natural forms representing the interactive activities to be hosted in the Forum. This consistent design approach creates a memorable sense of place and makes wayfinding intuitive. Car parking and general services are discreetly located below the building, maximising capacity but minimising impact on the overall design.

NBBJ is working very closely with Forum Co., Cambridge University Hospital Trust and other stakeholders to create a landmark development on a human scale. The Forum will be a central focus for the campus providing a dynamic and collaborative environment at the heart of the world’s leading Biomedical Campus.