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Located in the South Lake Union neighborhood, Seattle’s high-tech and bio-tech capital, the design of Alley 24 integrates modern architecture and sustainable materials to create a lively urban experience.

The development includes residences, offices and retail — establishing a “live, work, play” environment. It’s one of the world’s first Class-A buildings to feature an HVAC system with both operable windows and an under-floor heating/cooling system, setting new standards for multi-tenant, speculative office space.


To bring an intimate residential character to the community, townhouses with European-inspired stoops and front doors line the streets and alley, serving as an anchor to the 172 apartments above.


To promote workplace flexibility and reduce improvement costs, electrical heating and air conditioning systems are placed below the floor, allowing room for an open office design.


To accommodate outdoor dining at restaurants and the café, Alley 24 is pulled back from the sidewalk. In addition, the development features art work, a water feature, benches and rooftop gardens.

Video: Alley 24
“ It’s all here: preservation, sustainable design, excellent urban design and rigorous modernism, all in a lovely one-block package. ”

Clair Enlow Architecture Critic, Daily Journal of Commerce



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