with Nature

NBBJ is utilizing neuroscience research and sustainable design strategies to create a connected environment where Alibaba employees can thrive and help propel one of the world’s fastest and largest internet companies.

The Alibaba Xixi Campus comprises a collection of buildings organized and linked with intention to create a connected and productive community. The layout will incorporate a mixed office design, integrating office space, open spaces and courtyards, private conference rooms, communal seating areas, and garden work stations.

Each employee’s workspace will be less than a minute from outside green spaces, allowing for rejuvenating fresh air breaks. In addition, a sports center in the heart of the campus will offer basketball and badminton courts, ping-pong and billiards tables, along with a game room, yoga room and wellness center with fitness machines and exercise areas.

Sustainable strategies benefit the health and wellbeing of employees and also conserve ecological resources and benefit the planet. “Green” features include:

  • Natural daylight. 100 percent of the work stations on all floors are close to windows overlooking green space. This reduces the need for artificial light, which helps reduce stress levels, improves cognitive performance and decreases energy use.
  • Rainwater harvesting captures water for landscaping and non-potable use.
  • Windows that open to let in fresh air and natural ventilation reduces reliance on HVAC.
  • Solar panels on the roof heat the water systems, reducing fossil fuel consumption.
  • A mechanical façade that offers shade from sunshine and glare, reducing the need for air conditioning.
  • An underground parking structure partially lit by skylights utilizes natural ventilation.
  • Shading and vining canopies on outdoor plazas and courtyards provides shade.
  • Immediate access to the city’s transportation infrastructure, including metro and bus stops.

The new headquarters will be accessible to the public as well, providing connectivity to the rest of the region. Public features will include a visitor center, public auditorium and events plaza. The campus will also include restaurants and coffee shops, along with services like a post office and flower shop.