Curbing Sprawl,
Unleashing Minds

The Akerselva Atrium brings Class-A office and retail space to a historic neighborhood situated along the city’s major waterway, the Akerselva River.

Beginning in the late 1990s, Oslo sought ways to hem in urban sprawl by focusing on densifying areas, developing greenbelt strategies, and linking the urban environment back to its natural surroundings of fjords and waterways. Located in downtown Oslo, the Akerselva Atrium is a part of this movement and is among the first contemporary buildings introduced to the area in recent years.

The design plays off the site’s prominent location and respects the surrounding historic context while also enlivening the area with bold colors, material and form. An all-metal curtain wall blends with the area’s predominantly metal and masonry buildings, while punched windows and colored LED lights along the glass façade bring a modern interplay of color and shape. The ground floor of the building includes a gallery and restaurant, and at street level a wide staircase offers the area’s only public access point to the riverside.

The approach to the workplace incorporates research on the needs of knowledge workers whose ubiquitous connectivity necessitates a new, social role for their work environments. The Akerselva Atrium provides an environment for inspiration and connection for companies who compete to attract top talent. The office space was 70% leased two years in advance of opening and was 100% leased shortly after completion.