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Jonathan Wall

Jonathan Wall is one of the leaders of NBBJ’s Asia practice. He has over 18 years of international experience in designing commercial mixed-use projects, and guides these projects from conceptual design through construction. For the last several years he has been working with New York design teams from his office in Hong Kong, where he can take the pulse of the Asia market and most efficiently serve the clients and projects based there.

The strength of his work includes urban environments, towers, and compact sites. His expertise in fast-paced projects, ability to multi-task and passion for innovative architecture puts him at the forefront of our international work. Jonathan Wall holds a Master of Architecture from the University of California Berkeley.


Vertical Cities Conference, Featured Speaker, Singapore, 2015

Office Building Conference, Featured Speaker, Manila Philippines, 2014

Vertical Cities Conference, Featured Speaker, Seoul, Korea, 2012

Building Envelopes Conference, Featured Speaker, Singapore, 2012