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Janet Susi, MBOE, BSN, RN, LSSBB

Janet Susi is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt-certified professional and registered nurse. As a healthcare programmer and planner at NBBJ, she combines her clinical expertise with lean methodology to deliver flexible, efficient, and patient-centered care areas, bringing future thinking to emergency departments, surgical platforms and interventional suites. She also leads process improvement initiatives and prepares organizations to transition into new facilities. Her clients include University of Washington; Nationwide Children’s; and Trinity Health/Mt. Carmel East. Prior to joining NBBJ, Janet spent two decades as a clinician and administrator at The Ohio State University Medical Center.

Janet is a frequent speaker at national conferences. She has a passion for working with end users, and for facilitating communication between front-line staff and senior management — not only for healthcare, but for all markets in which efficiency plays a crucial role.