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Cara Buckley

Cara Buckley oversees the media production department at ESI Design, an NBBJ studio, driving the innovation and advancement of its digital content design and production capabilities. She works with the design teams on projects from concept to completion, and manages all budgeting, production planning and technical operations for the various types of media content that ESI’s projects include.

Prior to joining ESI Design, she was Executive Producer of the New York location of the worldwide visual effects company, Method Studios, where she oversaw film and commercial production. Additionally, Cara has worked for Click 3X, RhinoFX, and Spontaneous. Her wide range of experience encompasses all aspects of media production and client types. Film studios, television networks and advertising agencies have all benefited from her expertise.

She is a member of the Producers Guild of America and has contributed to several Visual Effects Society–nominated projects such as The Wolf of Wall Street film and General Electric commercials. When she is not crafting or managing media, she spends her time lakeside in upstate New York.