NBBJ Celebrates 75th Anniversary

NBBJ Celebrates 75th Anniversary

In 1943 as WWII drew to a close, four architects — Floyd Naramore, William J. Bain, Clifton Brady and Perry Johanson — came together to form what is now NBBJ. One of their first projects was a large federal commission to help soldiers returning from Europe acclimate to civilian life, a bold mix of buildings designed to positively impact people’s lives.

Seventy-five years later, it is amazing to think about how far architecture has come, and yet encouraging to know that our vision to design for life has been an integral part of our ethos since our founding.

Yet while we are excited to celebrate this important accomplishment and are proud of what we’ve done together, today and throughout this year we are thinking much more about NBBJ’s future than its past. So stay tuned. We look forward to sharing the celebration of our 75th anniversary across our digital media platforms and at special events during the next 12 months.

As we mark our 75th anniversary and peek around the corner at what’s next, we hope we all will think about what we can do, through the power of design, to make better experiences for everyone, connect people to each other and to their communities, and care for our natural resources as stewards of this planet.