NBBJ Led Discussions at the New Cities Summit in Dallas

NBBJ Led Discussions at the New Cities Summit
in Dallas

For the second consecutive year, NBBJ was invited to speak at the New Cities Summit, the leading global event on the future of the urban world. The Summit is a platform for action-oriented discussion and knowledge sharing among leaders, thinkers and builders of global cities. The theme of this year’s event was “Re-imagining Cities: Transforming the 21st Century Metropolis.”

NBBJ’s Chief Marketing Officer Tim Leberecht moderated a panel exploring next-generation concepts on “The Contemporary City: Wellness, Happiness and Purpose.” This panel looked at these emerging concepts to assess how useful they are in thinking about modern urban society. The panel addressed several common questions: What are hyper-connected urbanites striving for today? How is the social fabric of our cities being reshaped? What are we working for? What are the new ways to measure a city’s success? The session took place on June 17th at 11:30 am in the Montgomery Theater in the Dallas Arts District.

NBBJ urban planner and Harvard Graduate School of Design professor Alex Krieger joined a panel discussion on “Mobility and the Urban Form.” The discussion will look at how the relationship between mobility and the design and evolution of the physical city is shifting rapidly. Why and how will we move in the future city? How will technological disruptions in mobility change the face of our cities? What can be done about sprawl? How will we cover the “last mile” between transit and the home? The session took place on June 17th at 1:45 pm in the Montgomery Theater in the Dallas Arts District.

NBBJ also teamed up with the New Cities Foundation and Imperative to host an invitation-only workshop on the concept of “The Purpose City” ( on June 19th in the renowned Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts. Inspired by the principles of a design hackathon, The Purpose City Workshop convened 70 bold leaders in urban design, management, business and academia in a vibrant, day-long forum to explore how we bring meaning and purpose to cities as the numbers of urban citizens swell, as cities densify, and as the digital and physical increasingly merge. Held as a side-event to the New Cities Summit, it was a mix of rapid ideation and prototyping, rich discourse and debate, and hands-on collaboration. The outcomes of the workshop were presented at the end of the day to attendees from the local community and from the two concurrent conferences, the New Cities Summit and the U.S. Conference of Mayors.