Trends Transforming Cancer Care and Their Effects on Space Planning for Academic Medical Centers

Association of Cancer Executives, Annual Meeting Charleston, SC, January 25, 2015

NBBJ Healthcare Planner and Clinical Specialist Susan Silverman will co-host a workshop at the Association of Cancer Executives Annual Meeting in Charleston, SC. Together with Mara Bloom from Massachusetts General Hospital's Cancer Center, Susan will investigate how cancer centers’ space needs are affected by current trends such as, translational research, personalized medicine, multi-disciplinary team practices, clinical trials, technology, chemotherapy, supportive care and satellites. While most cancer centers will require more space in the future, the goal should be creating more efficient space.

The learning objectives for this workshop are: 1. Identify cancer care trends and their impact on facility use; 2. Distinguish between trends that promote the concentration of services with those the promote decentralization; 3. Prepare for disruptive technologies and new therapies that will impact care and workflow; 4. Identify opportunities for achieving greater efficiency and improved patient flow.